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Jan 2019

SCH What if? DP E188 Special Orders 191

January 17, 2019

September 1862. General Lee and the Confederacy were having their way with the Northern Army. Lee's next move was to invade the North through relatively friendly Maryland on his way to Pennsylvania for a decisive battle that would bring the Union to the bargaining table. His bold plan to split his forces and reunite days later were spelled out in Special Orders 191. It might have worked. And it might have changed the course of the war and the course of history. But something went terribly wrong. Or terribly right if you're the North.

Check out the latest installment in the Soft Core History American Civil War Series.

After the break: Paul has more ado. Springfield Township: did the people shape the landscape or vice versa? Young transgender Steve. The next halloween special. Teasing a new segment about customer service.

And - half as many episodes with twice as much work!

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