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Jun 2019

Not Versus DP E197: Ant-Man and the Wasp

When you see Empire Strikes Back first, your view of the world gets Eff'ed up. So it is with Steve. He saw Ant-Man and the Wasp before having seen Ant-Man. Or whatever the previous one was.

Also, how do you get the whole family gathered to watch a movie? How do you get Steve to pay attention to comics?

Anyway, episode 197 is one episode closer to 200. Don't miss it.

May 2019

Endgame DP E196: Hold onto your butts

HBO released a trailer for some show called Watchmen. Steve and Paul rip the trailer apart. In fact they don't stop there. They shred the entire show, which of course isn't out yet.

Next, Steve reviews Major Payne, the Damen Wayans POS vehicle that kids love for some reason.

Finally, Paul reviews Endgame (starting at 21:04, in case you want to get to the good stuff quickly). Definitely Infinity War spoilers, but as far as Steve could tell, there are no Endgame spoilers.

Have fun with this one. DP E200 will be here before you know it...

May 2019

Hey Marty is this Bigfoot Day? DP E195

Spoiler alert! The Man who Killed Hitler and then The Bigfoot may not be the best movie about killing Hitler and The Bigfoot, but it is review-worthy. Listen to Paul's crafty review. But first, hear how the guys did at Easter. Steve's family nearly created an international incident while Paul's family forgot one common ingredient of any Schultz Family gathering. But, Paul and his sister, Casual Fan SuAnne, managed to save the day with mimosas.

Finally, there is a big announcement at the end, in which the guys warn the listeners of an upcoming big announcement about DP E200. Confused? So are we.


Apr 2019

Teenagers DP E194: Evolution, Movies, and Life Expectancy

Lot of work went into this episode. Not by Steve. All he did was talk. But Paul put a lot of work into editing this one. So, enjoy.

Everyone has evolved except teenagers.

How to waste your money on a good movie.

Why didn't Steve see Captain Marvel?

Mar 2019

Heroic Stories DP E193

If you are one of the 9 or so people who still listens. And you are one of the 2 or 3 who reads these descriptions, shoot us a message over on Facebook describing this episode so we can update these notes. Thank you.

Mar 2019

Drag Queen ASMR DP E192: Paul Done Marie Kondo’ed his Kids

This is an ASMR episode. It might relax you. And it might make you have to pee. It will undoubtedly make you laugh. It's a jibber-jabber in the old school DP style. It's got regular ASMR. It's got drag queen shoes ASMR. It's got dog-hocking-up-a-loogie ASMR. And it's meta. And it's got tips for saving money. Why wouldn't you listen?

Feb 2019

Flashback! Jehovah’s Witness to a Blind Date DP E191

Remember that time Paul had a blind date and a hot redhead showed up at his door?

Also, what do Icarus, Sisyphus, and George Jefferson have in common? Plus a call from an old friend (hint: he's 130,000 years old and of the pachyderm persuasion).

Feb 2019

Surprise Beginning DP E190: More Cushin for the Pushkin

This one almost speaks for itself. Do NOT skip the beginning. Plus, an update on the 2019 Christmas Special and the 2019 Halloween Special - with a twist.

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Jan 2019

Flashback: Death DP E 189 Reflections on 2015

As promised, we have a flashback episode. Drawing on a hilarious conversation about death, the guys introduce a short clip from 2015. David Bowie, Glenn Frye (sp?), who's next? Who was next? In the wrap up, Paul provides a spoiler-free and basically content-free non-teaser for the Halloween story he's working on.

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Jan 2019

SCH What if? DP E188 Special Orders 191

September 1862. General Lee and the Confederacy were having their way with the Northern Army. Lee's next move was to invade the North through relatively friendly Maryland on his way to Pennsylvania for a decisive battle that would bring the Union to the bargaining table. His bold plan to split his forces and reunite days later were spelled out in Special Orders 191. It might have worked. And it might have changed the course of the war and the course of history. But something went terribly wrong. Or terribly right if you're the North.

Check out the latest installment in the Soft Core History American Civil War Series.

After the break: Paul has more ado. Springfield Township: did the people shape the landscape or vice versa? Young transgender Steve. The next halloween special. Teasing a new segment about customer service.

And - half as many episodes with twice as much work!

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