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Apr 2022

Whiskey Talking E18 - 2022: A Ukraine Odyssey

The Russians are threatening to stop cooperating on the International Space Station. Should we care? Are they for real? What's the deal with space anyway?

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Russia, Citing Sanctions, Threatens to End International Space Station Cooperation (

Head of Russia’s space program says sanctions could imperil future of space station | PBS NewsHour

Iron Sky: The Coming Race

New Tales of the Mysterious Traveler

Apr 2022

New Tales of the Mysterious Traveler E6: The Collectors

Chris Mercer and Eric Salt have been on the trail of something from out of their pasts, and out of the sky. Their search leads them to the home of hermit Willey Chambliss, who may hold the answers they seek. Sheriff Hoyt left the hustle and bustle of the city, for the peace and quiet of a small town, only to have it get turned upside down as the four men head for a collision course with...The Collectors!

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Mar 2022

Whiskey Talking E17: Walking it Back in Ukraine

Russia is reframing its goals in Ukraine and making it seem like their new strategy was their actual strategy from the beginning. Meanwhile, US President Biden is reframing his remarks about removing Putin from power. The underdog Ukraine is doing better and fighting fiercer than anyone thought. In the words of the great philosopher Mike Tyson, everybody has a plan until I punch them in the mouth. Ukraine has punched Putin in the mouth and now everybody is trying to figure out the new plan.

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Day 33 Roundup: Negotiators Travel to Turkey, Ukraine Retakes Irpin, Biden Walks Back Putin Remarks (

Mar 2022

Whiskey Talking E16: Improving News about Ukraine

Ukrainians might be pushing back the Russians in some areas.

The Russians are blowing up bridges. Why?

Russian spies in Poland. Western spies in Russia. Russian spies in the US.

Still no No Fly Zone.

Humanitarian corridors in the most inhumane of circumstances.

Mentioned in this episode:

Day 28 Roundup: Biden Arrives in Brussels for Summits as NATO Pledges to Double Eastern Flanks (

220 | Robert Farley: Air Wars in Ukraine in Beyond | The Realignment

Mar 2022

Whiskey Talking E15: FAKE NEWS

We have all fallen for the misleading video or the headline that turns out to be false. In this episode, Paul and Steve work through a few recent stories about the war in Ukraine that turned out to be not so accurate. They also give some pointers and share examples of how they sniff out the fake stuff.

U.S. sponsored Biolabs in Ukraine?

Ukraine biggest donor to Clinton Foundation?

Rothschild family connection to invasion of Ukraine?

Biden selling Alaska back to Russia?

Babylon Bee: Satire or thinly veiled conservative shitposting?

Fact check: What's true and what's false about the invasion of Ukraine (

Mar 2022

Whiskey Talking E14: Ukraine No NATO Zone

NATO leaders visited Kyiv at great personal risk

Russian and Ukraine are still talking - while Russia is pounding civilians and Ukraine continues to hold its own.

Look at a map if you want to understand why Sweden, Norway, Finland, and others might be worried.

Is there another side to this story that makes sense? Does the devil even need an advocate here?

Podcast mentioned at end of episode:

Mar 2022

Whiskey Talking E13: Ukraine Where Have all the TikToks Gone?

The war in Ukraine has become medieval. The people are suffering under the Russian sledgehammer, siege doctrine while the Ukrainian military continues to hold its own. Meanwhile, what is the Russian aim in all this? What can they hope to accomplish at this point?

Mar 2022

Whisky Talking E12: Jeff Woods (and all the ships at sea)

Great conversation with Jeff Woods, who has been experiencing Ukraine, Russia, and other Black Sea outposts since the early 90s. As the rest of us are pivoting from being experts on virology to experts on global politics and war, Jeff is already there. He has been following post Cold War politics and war since the fall of the Soviet Union. His take is better than most. He was able to join us from a ship floating in an undisclosed location in the vicinity of Norway.

Sources mentioned in this episode:

Michael McFaul twitter: @McFaul
Malcolm Nance twitter: @MalcolmNance
Natasha Bertrand twitter: @NatashaBertrand
John Sipher twitter: @john_sipher
Tom Nichols twitter: @RadioFreeTom
Nina Jankowicz twitter: @wiczipediaAuthor
Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom (Netflix documentary)
Occupied (Netflix fictional series about a Russian "invasion" of Norway)
Mar 2022

Whisky Talking E11: Ukrainian Poker

Six or seven days into the invasion of Ukraine and Russia is struggling. They may have taken one town and on the verge of taking another - both in the supposedly pro-Russian area of Ukraine. Meanwhile, Russia is shelling cities and bombing TV towers. The 40 mile long convoy is apparently inching its way toward Kyiv. Will western aid help Ukraine? How much support can the west provide without triggering WWIII? What does all this have to do with Twisted Sister, strip poker, and cornered rats?

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Feb 2022

Whisky Talking E10: Ukraine Not Without a Fight

Second conversation about the war in Ukraine. Heavy fighting in Kyiv and Kharkiv; the reality TV hero we needed; talks in Belarus (hope it's not a trap); Putin pulling out the big threats; we are all international finance experts now.

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