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Feb 2019

Flashback! Jehovah’s Witness to a Blind Date DP E191

Remember that time Paul had a blind date and a hot redhead showed up at his door?

Also, what do Icarus, Sisyphus, and George Jefferson have in common? Plus a call from an old friend (hint: he's 130,000 years old and of the pachyderm persuasion).

Feb 2019

Surprise Beginning DP E190: More Cushin for the Pushkin

This one almost speaks for itself. Do NOT skip the beginning. Plus, an update on the 2019 Christmas Special and the 2019 Halloween Special - with a twist.

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Jan 2019

Flashback: Death DP E 189 Reflections on 2015

As promised, we have a flashback episode. Drawing on a hilarious conversation about death, the guys introduce a short clip from 2015. David Bowie, Glenn Frye (sp?), who's next? Who was next? In the wrap up, Paul provides a spoiler-free and basically content-free non-teaser for the Halloween story he's working on.

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Jan 2019

SCH What if? DP E188 Special Orders 191

September 1862. General Lee and the Confederacy were having their way with the Northern Army. Lee's next move was to invade the North through relatively friendly Maryland on his way to Pennsylvania for a decisive battle that would bring the Union to the bargaining table. His bold plan to split his forces and reunite days later were spelled out in Special Orders 191. It might have worked. And it might have changed the course of the war and the course of history. But something went terribly wrong. Or terribly right if you're the North.

Check out the latest installment in the Soft Core History American Civil War Series.

After the break: Paul has more ado. Springfield Township: did the people shape the landscape or vice versa? Young transgender Steve. The next halloween special. Teasing a new segment about customer service.

And - half as many episodes with twice as much work!

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Jan 2019

LIVE! Kicking 2018 to the Curb: DP E187

In case you missed it, and even if you didn't, here is the edited version of the 2018 End-of-Year LIVE show. The best part is that Steve's lovely bride, Constance, joined the guys.

Prepare to laugh. This one is downright hilarious.

Do you wear underwear? Why or why not?

"The Talk" - when did your parents have the talk with you? Or did they?

Were you bullied? When did it stop? Why? Steve just figured out that people stopped bullying him when he grew a few inches and a few dozen pounds.

Best Christmas gift ever?

Best early 80s game console? Intellivision or Atari?

What's in store for DP in 2019? Including, but not limited to, the debut of the 80s REtro-Actio Radio Play

Dec 2018

Hi-C and The Future of Work DP E186

In the penultimate episode of 2018, Steve gets in a story-telling zone. What you don't know is the guys recorded about 20 minutes of complete crap that you will never hear. Fortunately, the dog ate the part we didn't like.

Steve's drinking Bud Light, Uncle Karl is drinking Hi-C, and the guys are taking on a third partner on the show. Listen to find out who.

Next week: Live Christmas!

Dec 2018

How to Be Your Best Self DP E185: Short Jibber Jabber

It's not the length of the jib, it's the depth of the jab. This week, the boys went short, but deep. Steve talks about the long-known but little practiced moment of zen when coming home from anything. The guys also talk about what it means to be in the zone or in a flow state and the awesome things that can happen when you're there. It's funny.

Dec 2018

Dedicated to Stan Lee DP E184

No fancy show description this week. The title says it all. Oh, and Paul tells a story about how Stan Lee helped him hook up in the back of a U-Haul. Other than that, RIP Stan Lee. Here's to a life well-lived.

Nov 2018

Soft Core History: Armistice Day DP E183 End of the War to End All Wars

When George Price woke up on the morning of November 11, 1918, he did not know the war would end that day. So he did his job. Another soldier a few miles away started his day not know the war would end. So he, too, did his job. Fate would bring them together that day in a way so tragic, yet so ordinary that it is a perfect way to honor these men and all men and women who fight and die in war - not necessarily for the greater causes trumpeted by the generals and politicians, but for the men and women in the trenches and foxholes around them.

Thanks to Pauly V for posting the sounds of the final minutes of WW1, which inspired this episode. Special thanks to Annie Guilbeau for lending her talented voice. And thanks to each and every soldier around the world who fights and dies for honor and duty and for their comrades in arms.

Paul and Steve hope you enjoy this tweener episode. Please share, like, and leave comments (or hit us up on #thepage).

Nov 2018

HEADLINES! DP E182 Bohemian Rhapsody, Space Visitors, and Healthcare

What do Bohemian Rhapsody, Healthcare, and Visitors from another solar system have in common? HEADLINES!! That's what. Join the boys this week for another segment of irresponsibly interpreted headlines. With a couple stories and a review of the Freddy Mercury biopic