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DP E121 - Understanding Autism

May 29, 2017

For more information on the Minecraft server SFJ mentions, go here: Autcraft Home (includes message from founder)

If you want to better understand autism on a real-world, personal level, skip to the "understanding autism" segment @ 30:00.

If you are a bully or troll, go here: Special Place for Bullies and Trolls

Following the usual mischief of the first half of the show, the guys at Don't Panic have a moment of clarity this week, and tackle a serious topic: Autism.  How can Minecraft, that silly, online video game that every kid in the world wastes so much time on actually benefit those with Autism? Special guest Superfan James opens up to share a personal part of his life. And he shares his plan to grow the bond he has with his young son by sharing a game and a world that he loves.
Time codes:
01:00--Kids with man buns.
08:00--Superfan James has no pants.
10:00--Facebook Question of the Day asked.
11:00--130,000 Year Old Mastodon calls in.
15:00--Irresponsible Headline Interpretations.
26:00--Musical interlude.
30:00--Autism & Minecraft.
57:00--Facebook Question of the Day answers.
ps Thank you, Superfan James. Your vulnerability and openness is sure to help increase understanding in a world that sure as hell needs it right now.
pps Get lost, 130,000 Year Old Mastodon. Steve's whisky is not your whisky. Plus it is not cool to smoke in somebody else's attic.