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Against All Odds DP E151


Elon Musk put Don't Panic on the map this week. A map of the solar system. His Tesla, David Bowie, and a copy of this show's favorite book. Also this week, a new segment called "Softcore History" and a long awaited installment of T&D. This is a good one, folks.


DP E150 - The Best and Worst TV Shows Ever


Magnum P.I., Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Black Lightning, why you shouldn't get into a conversation with anybody about anything on Facebook ever, and "The Talk."


DP E149 - Black People are Love Experts


First: how not to drive on ice. Then, Black Lightning. Obviously the new CW show plays a big part in this one. The boys talk a lot about the show and how it is relevant to everything going on these days. Paul has a hard-on for Star Wars and can't understand why there is so much pressure to judge movies these days.

Plus, confusing British phrases, Gerard Butler, and a tits-n-dragons update



DP E148 - Welcome Back


They're baaaaack!!! And better than ever. This week: The New Years Celebration that Almost Was; Steve's questions about Star Wars (and a pre-review of The Last Jedi); The latest sensation in Weezer tribute bands - "Weezy"; Paul's exile to the early 90s; Wolverines!

Yeah, the boys are easing their way back into the saddle. And they couldn't be happier!

Remember: relax, calm down, share with your friends, and above all Don't Panic!


DP E147 - Surviving Christmas


The is the unintentional Christmas Special!

- What is so great about A Christmas Story?

- Why is Steve's dog a racist?

- What bands did Steve miss from the 80s? (Thanks to SFJ, Paul V, Leslie, and Constance for the great suggestions!)

- How are things going with Steve's drinking and depression and anxiety, and... and... and...

I think Steve might have cried toward the end of this one, but they did end on a high note (as usual).


DP E146 - SFJ Speaks


Guess who's alive! SuperFan James returns healthier than ever.

- SFJ's 2017 Halloween Show Review

- 80s themed headlines

- Classic Steve rants


DP E145 - LIVE! T&D


This one episode will tell you why Paul and Steve do what they do. There's women, drinking, laughing, and a strange little chat with Scott Tolin. Also, SuperFan James is still missing in action. Steve's brother, Mike, continues to be an inspiration, and there's even a special mention of a William Wright. Not THE William Wright, you understand. Check us out. Even if you already did.


DP E144 - The Best Green Bean Casserole Recipe


The pre- post- Thanksgiving episode.

- Turkey leftovers

- How to recover from the hoarder life

- How to spot a bad landlord

- What the Jehova's Witnesses can tell you that nobody else can (hint: why you can't understand the Mind of God)

- What's wrong with SuperFan James?

- Beyond Stranger Things Spoilers and the Weirdness of Creepy Old Men (and why Steve's Bride was right about Howard Stern)

- Shrooms at Burning  Man

- The First Annual Don't Panic Green Bean Casserole Cook-off

- A rare sighting of the North American MP Cavalier in his natural habitat



DP E143 - Stranger TNA


Well, that took longer than we thought it would. But we made up for the delay with a blockbuster episode...

From the Upside Down, to the Worlds of Mebar, this one has it all.  Steve and Paul spend the first half of this episode getting caught up with writer Andy Wright and his podcast, wherein we also learn Andy's favorite curse word.  The second half of this episode, your hosts react to Stranger Things, and, as a reaction, reminisce about junior high.​


DP E142 - How To Win Rock-Paper-Scissors


Following their Halloween Hangover, Paul and Steve are back with a little bit of everything:

- How to Win Rock Paper Scissors

- The Power of Stupid Ideas (daylight savings, Christmas too Early, Courtroom Sketches, Stenographers)

- Steve's new life-saving drug

- "I would have gotten away with this election if it weren't for you meddling Russians!"

- Of course, Sexual Harrassment

Finally - annoucing SWAG. Coming your way soon!

p.s. Warren Zevon. Lots of Warren Zevon.