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Funny is the New Sexy: DP E155


What do old men do on a Friday night?  Steve and Paul aren't really sure, but they recorded a podcast.  This week, why do we memorize state capitals?  Paul shares his love for Close Encounters of the Third Kind and the mom from Christmas Story.  Steve lets Paul finally talk, and he digs himself into a hole over news of Wonder Woman 2.  We have both the return of Irresponsible Headline Interpretations, as well as the 130,000 Year Old Mastodon.  Also this episode, Steve and Paul discuss the recent events in Black Lightning as well as their obsession with Christine Adams.  Who?  Listen to the show and find out.


Disorganized Labor: DP E154


Softcore History: Cesar Chavez. 

Not to be confused with Che Guevera. 

Sebastian says, "My mermaids better have my money!" 

How to survive a child's birthday party (if not pick-up time).

Steve's friend Anna leaves us a voicemail about Steve's underage accountant and his pre-op transgenderism. 

How to find your people. And contribute! 

And finally, after all these years: Why it is Pointless to Panic...



Fear Black Panther: DP E153


Kids' birthday parties

Clean drunk, party sober

Black Panther preview (and the thing Steve hates about Black Panther)

Black Lightning is blacker than Black Panther

Why bother learning history?

Why did white Europeans and Asians do so much better than Africans and Indians?

Why are white people afraid to become the minority in America?


Powerful (but weird) Families: DP E152


In a gripping tale of love and tragedy, the next installment of Softcore History celebrates everyone's fake Hallmark Saint. After the break, the guys catch up on Black Lightning with an epic two-episode review. That's it. Quality content for the best audience on the planet.


Against All Odds DP E151


Elon Musk put Don't Panic on the map this week. A map of the solar system. His Tesla, David Bowie, and a copy of this show's favorite book. Also this week, a new segment called "Softcore History" and a long awaited installment of T&D. This is a good one, folks.


DP E150 - The Best and Worst TV Shows Ever


Magnum P.I., Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Black Lightning, why you shouldn't get into a conversation with anybody about anything on Facebook ever, and "The Talk."


DP E149 - Black People are Love Experts


First: how not to drive on ice. Then, Black Lightning. Obviously the new CW show plays a big part in this one. The boys talk a lot about the show and how it is relevant to everything going on these days. Paul has a hard-on for Star Wars and can't understand why there is so much pressure to judge movies these days.

Plus, confusing British phrases, Gerard Butler, and a tits-n-dragons update



DP E148 - Welcome Back


They're baaaaack!!! And better than ever. This week: The New Years Celebration that Almost Was; Steve's questions about Star Wars (and a pre-review of The Last Jedi); The latest sensation in Weezer tribute bands - "Weezy"; Paul's exile to the early 90s; Wolverines!

Yeah, the boys are easing their way back into the saddle. And they couldn't be happier!

Remember: relax, calm down, share with your friends, and above all Don't Panic!


DP E147 - Surviving Christmas


The is the unintentional Christmas Special!

- What is so great about A Christmas Story?

- Why is Steve's dog a racist?

- What bands did Steve miss from the 80s? (Thanks to SFJ, Paul V, Leslie, and Constance for the great suggestions!)

- How are things going with Steve's drinking and depression and anxiety, and... and... and...

I think Steve might have cried toward the end of this one, but they did end on a high note (as usual).


DP E146 - SFJ Speaks


Guess who's alive! SuperFan James returns healthier than ever.

- SFJ's 2017 Halloween Show Review

- 80s themed headlines

- Classic Steve rants