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DP E130 - Why your Mom was Wrong

That's right, dear listeners​​, your humble hosts hate to break it to you, but everything your mom told you was a lie.  Your politeness is killing people, from bicycle crossings to dating, Steve and Paul try to help clear a few things up.  And if they can't, the 130,000 Year Old Mastodon will!  Also in this episode, everything from how Steve is going to make a career for a psychiatrist one day, to a one-armed clown with a machete, as well as a Facebook Question of the Week, and Irresponsible Headline Interpretations!  And, remember, nothing you hear is true!
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DP E129 - Fanfare for the Common Merdog


Je suis Basil. Few things are more dear to humans than their pets. When Basil, Steve's miniature pinscher ate a crazy expanding mermaid, his family had only minutes to decide whether to wait for the 8" high dog to become an 18" long merdog or pay a butt-ton of money to have the offending sea creature removed. Get the full story this week. Plus a preview of a new professional podcast from Don't Panic Studios, including the search for the perfect theme song. Listen Like Share Repeat.


DP E128 - The Truth and Other Alternate Facts

The Don't Panic Radio Show doesn't care about your feelings, and artists don't care about your facts.  In this episode, Steve and Paul recount the day Steve accepted ZZ Top into his life.  After that, this episode goes straight into the toilet.  Literally.  Also in this week's episode, The Rapture, narcoleptic fork truck drivers, cigarettes, Kent State and the 80s, what aren't they teaching kids in school these days?  All this and the Facebook Question of the Week!
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DP E127 - Hoosier Daddies


The most hilarious take on fathering daughters you may ever hear. Also in this episode, Steve returns from his hiatus!  Hiatus?!  He barely knew us!  Also in this week's show, Steve and Paul pay tribute and bid ado  to their spiritual step-brother podcast, the Do It Indy Radio Hour as only they can.  Also in this week's show, your hosts continue discussing dad stuff from where Paul and SFJ left off last week.  All this, plus Irresponsible Headline Interpretations, the 130,000 year old Mastodon , and an all new caller!  It's a regular zoo this time around.​


DP E126 - Fav Bad Movie


This week, while Steve is on vacation, Paul and Superfan James talk dad stuff, dad noises The Arrival, and other bad movies they love.  The Facebook Question of the Week, not coincidentally: Favorite "bad" movie?  What follows is listeners chiming in with everything from Hudson Hawk to Xanadu.  Also in this episode Paul tries to explain Don't Panic to new listeners, and he and SFJ give Steve the credit he deserves for doing what he does week after week.  All this, and more, in this week's episode.


DP E125 - Fidget Spinners: what they don[t want you to know!

It was just a matter of time.  This week, Steve and Paul discuss everything from Ju Ju Beans and Fidget Spinners, to NPR and Watchmen.  Along the way, your fearless hosts discuss words you can no longer say if you're any kind of decent human being, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Mein Kampf, Steve's apparent inability to differentiate Gerard Butler from almost any other actor, and exploding cream dispensers.  Yep, it's one of those kind of shows.
Time codes:
01:00--Ju Ju Beans and other words you can and cannot say anymore.
10:00--The Do It NR Radio Hour!
13:00--The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Don't Panic Radio Show.
15:00--The NPR morning show with David Sedaris & The Turd!
17:00--Steve Watches the Watchmen.
26:00--Poe & the Mysteriads!
27:00--Musical interlude.
33:00--The 130,000 Year Old Mastodon calls NPR.
39:00--Irresponsible Headline Interpretations! 
48:00--Facebook Question of the Week!

DP E124 - How to Win at Minecraft


No explanation needed. SuperFan James joins Paul and Steve for an episode about Minecraft. And Love. And Loss. And self-love and self-loss. Tune in. Share with your friends.


DP E123 - Wonder Women


This one's for the ladies.

This week, Steve and Paul spend the entire episode reviewing the Wonder Woman movie, and discuss the most powerful women in their lives.  Your intrepid hosts gave you fair warning, and ample time to see the movie, because spoilers abound in this episode.
No time codes this week, because there was really only one topic: Powerful women.

DP E122 - The Race is On

​What's weirder than saying "Happy Memorial Day?"  What's the difference between Memorial Day and Labor Day?  How do you stay sober at the Indy 500?  This episode asks the hard questions.  Plus, we have a Wonder Woman preview, Irresponsible Headline Interpretations, and a new spin on the Facebook Question of the Week.
This episode of Don't Panic was brought to you by cigarettes!  Because nothing calms you down like a good cigarette.
Time codes:
02:00--Being sober at the Indy 500
13:00--All rise for the National Anthem
19:00--Facebook Question of the Week
20:00--Wonder Woman preview
30:00--Musical Interlude
32:00--Evangelical neighbors
46:00--Irresponsible Headline Interpretations

DP E121 - Understanding Autism


For more information on the Minecraft server SFJ mentions, go here: Autcraft Home (includes message from founder)

If you want to better understand autism on a real-world, personal level, skip to the "understanding autism" segment @ 30:00.

If you are a bully or troll, go here: Special Place for Bullies and Trolls

Following the usual mischief of the first half of the show, the guys at Don't Panic have a moment of clarity this week, and tackle a serious topic: Autism.  How can Minecraft, that silly, online video game that every kid in the world wastes so much time on actually benefit those with Autism? Special guest Superfan James opens up to share a personal part of his life. And he shares his plan to grow the bond he has with his young son by sharing a game and a world that he loves.
Time codes:
01:00--Kids with man buns.
08:00--Superfan James has no pants.
10:00--Facebook Question of the Day asked.
11:00--130,000 Year Old Mastodon calls in.
15:00--Irresponsible Headline Interpretations.
26:00--Musical interlude.
30:00--Autism & Minecraft.
57:00--Facebook Question of the Day answers.
ps Thank you, Superfan James. Your vulnerability and openness is sure to help increase understanding in a world that sure as hell needs it right now.
pps Get lost, 130,000 Year Old Mastodon. Steve's whisky is not your whisky. Plus it is not cool to smoke in somebody else's attic.