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DP E122 - The Race is On

​What's weirder than saying "Happy Memorial Day?"  What's the difference between Memorial Day and Labor Day?  How do you stay sober at the Indy 500?  This episode asks the hard questions.  Plus, we have a Wonder Woman preview, Irresponsible Headline Interpretations, and a new spin on the Facebook Question of the Week.
This episode of Don't Panic was brought to you by cigarettes!  Because nothing calms you down like a good cigarette.
Time codes:
02:00--Being sober at the Indy 500
13:00--All rise for the National Anthem
19:00--Facebook Question of the Week
20:00--Wonder Woman preview
30:00--Musical Interlude
32:00--Evangelical neighbors
46:00--Irresponsible Headline Interpretations

DP E121 - Understanding Autism


For more information on the Minecraft server SFJ mentions, go here: Autcraft Home (includes message from founder)

If you want to better understand autism on a real-world, personal level, skip to the "understanding autism" segment @ 30:00.

If you are a bully or troll, go here: Special Place for Bullies and Trolls

Following the usual mischief of the first half of the show, the guys at Don't Panic have a moment of clarity this week, and tackle a serious topic: Autism.  How can Minecraft, that silly, online video game that every kid in the world wastes so much time on actually benefit those with Autism? Special guest Superfan James opens up to share a personal part of his life. And he shares his plan to grow the bond he has with his young son by sharing a game and a world that he loves.
Time codes:
01:00--Kids with man buns.
08:00--Superfan James has no pants.
10:00--Facebook Question of the Day asked.
11:00--130,000 Year Old Mastodon calls in.
15:00--Irresponsible Headline Interpretations.
26:00--Musical interlude.
30:00--Autism & Minecraft.
57:00--Facebook Question of the Day answers.
ps Thank you, Superfan James. Your vulnerability and openness is sure to help increase understanding in a world that sure as hell needs it right now.
pps Get lost, 130,000 Year Old Mastodon. Steve's whisky is not your whisky. Plus it is not cool to smoke in somebody else's attic.

DP E120 - Pre-existing Conditions

This week, your hosts tackle the big issues, like science, religion, and what would happen if the Village People formed today.  Is IBS a pre-existing condition?  Did dinosaurs and humans coexist?  Tune in and find out!
Time codes:
02:00--Steve embraces his Middle Ages.
09:00--130,000 Year Old Mastodon calls in.
12:00--Steve experiences The Revolution.
19:00--Sixth grade history, then and now.
23:00--Facebook Question of the Week asked.
30:00--Musical interlude.
34:00--Irresponsible Headline Interpretations!
56:00--Facebook Question of the Week answered.

DP E119 - The Long Pillow Con

Better late than never is this week's episode of the Don't Panic Radio Show!  This week, learn how Steve's April Fool's Day prank came back to haunt him, and Paul does his best to not reveal spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy 2.  Also on this episode, what happened to country music?!  The answer depends on your point of view.  As if that's not enough, Irresponsible Headline Interpretations, and a phone call from the 130,000 Year Old Mastodon. 
Time Codes:
01:00 -- Steve's April Fool's Day prank comes back to haunt him
12:00 -- Guardians of the Galaxy 2
20:00 -- Musical Interlude
23:00 -- What happened to country music?!
28:00 -- A call from the 130,000 Year Old Mastodon
36:00 -- Headlines!
41:00 -- Facebook Question of the Week!

DP E118 - How to Cinco De Mayo Like a Jefe

This week, Steve and Paul continue to clean up the Don't Panic Radio Show's studios!   Also in this episode, Steve welcomes back Do It Indy Radio Hour in a big way, and tries to figure out how to celebrate Cinco De Mayo properly!  Learn what happened to last week's Facebook Question of the Week!  As if that's not enough, Paul talks comics, specifically Captain America and Wonder Woman!  All this, and Irresponsible Headline Interpretations!

Time Codes:

01:00 - Steve welcomes back Do It Indy Radio Hour in a big way!
10:00 - How to celebrate Cinco De Mayo properly!
18:00 - Cleaning up the show!
27:00 - What happened to last week's Question of the Week?!
31:00 - Paul talks comics!
49:00 - Irresponsible Headline Interpretations!​

DP E117 - Revealing Secrets of Human History

It's a kinder, gentler episode of the Don't Panic Radio Show, as your intrepid hosts try something different with the show.  At least for as long as they could, anyway.  In this episode, a 130,000 year old mastodon speaks his mind, Steve attempts to explain science, and Paul attempts to make sense out of whatever is going on at Marvel Comics.  Also in this episode, the secret to success, longevity, and other secrets are finally revealed!  
Time codes:
08:00--Steve's Rant of the Week
22:00--Irresponsible Headline Interpretations
47:00--Paul's Comic Book Rant

DP E116 - How to Celebrate your Birthday


How do you celebrate your birthday? What do you talk about when you get together with your three oldest friends? Find out how Paul and Steve do it in style in this year's annual Birthday Bash. Meet Uncle Karl, Dee, Mrs. Dee, and Steve's Lovely Bride. And as you might have guessed, we discuss all the important issues of the day - How Many Jedi are Still Alive? How is Trump Asserting his Manliness (hint: giant bombs)? Tell All Books by Ex-Girlfriends? This one has it all.


DP E115 - How to get jerked off by United Airlines


​It's an episode of versus this week!  Coke vs. Pepsi, art vs. product, and tea vs. Yoohoo just for starters.  Also this week, United Airlines will jerk you off, and Sean Spicer, stupid or evil?  Plus, WWWSS? (What would Wanda Sykes say?)  This week, Paul geeks out over X-Men Gold, and Steve proposes his own comic book idea.  It's a topical week, and Steve and Paul do their best to try and make sense out of it all.


DP E114 - How to Win the Lottery

How do you win the lottery?  Find out this week on the Don't Panic Radio Show!
Also this week, the Don't Panic boys discuss Rogue One, which prompts the Facebook Question of the Week.  Steve and Paul discuss why we never took pictures of food before social media.   Also, Paul is going to hell, and learn why Steve is the M. Night Shyamalan of masturbation.  You won't believe the twist!  
All this and, of course, Irresponsible Headline Interpretations:  Why are Canadians three times more lucky than Americans?  Who really killed Tupac?  But, more importantly, who really even remembers Tupac?  Or cares?  Vegan restaurants hate boobs and money, and why you should never date a vegan.

DP E113 - Worst Jobs


This week, your humble hosts talk about the worst jobs they've ever had, what's the deal with having to wake up so damn early for work, and Steve makes Paul relive his nightmare in 'Nam.  Plus, DP regular, Superfan James makes headlines!  In other irresponsible headline interpretations, there's a battle brewing over cold beer sales in Indiana, and Paul geeks out over the upcoming CW Black Lighting pilot.  All this, plus the Facebook question of the week, augmented reality, how government really operates, and hot soup.